VariFlight A-CDM

VariFlight A-CDM is the next-generation airport intelligent operational collaborative decision-making system designed for the future. By integrating big data analytics with artificial intelligence, and collecting, analyzing flight operation-related data, it helps airport operators to build their own big data centers with the common goal of improved on-time performance and efficiency in airport ground operations.

By end-2017, VariFlight A-CDM has been implemented at 81 airports, hitting a record of benefiting 330 million passengers, which account for over one-third of China's passenger throughput. It is expected that more than 100 airports will adopt VariFlight A-CDM solution by 2018.
  • Data Collection
  • ADS-B Electronic block Apron vehicle positioning Video analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Stand occupancy monitoring Apron status monitoring Delay analysis Resource utilization efficiency and statisticalanalysis
  • Intelligent Decision
  • Intelligent dispatching system Intelligent stand allocation system Emergency rescue system Runway conflict alert system
  • Data Exchange
  • Human-System interaction Vehicle-System interaction Airport-ATC interaction Airport-Airlines interaction Foreignairlines service system