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Historical Flight On-time Performance
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Real-time Flight Status
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Flight Schedules
Aircraft Layout

Flight Status

Flight status are accessible anywhere anytime.

Easy access to flight status and airport delays .

Lower cost of flight database maintenance.

Maximum efficiency of data acquisition through API requests.

Diversified data sources to ensure data quality.

Customize data fields to support additional data requirements.

Automatic data request and push notification.

Multiple fields data inquiry.

Flight status data: ETA/ETD, VariFlight estimated time of departure/arrival, flight status, diversion, flight schedule changes and updates, flight path.

Airport status data: Airport irregular operations, airport surveillance radar, air traffic flow at airports.

Travel Data

Enrich air passenger experience at all touch points.

Provide a complete coverage of trip data across the whole journey lifecycle.

Make your customer a hyper-informed traveler with a stress-free and more enjoyable journey.

Reduce the cost of data collection and improve operational efficiency.

Full range of data-rich products that improves passengers' experience.

Custom service with different types of data based on your specific needs.

Delivery of extremely high data accuracy, near 100 percent.

Airlines: logo, IATA two-letter code, airlines name (Chinese & English), contact information.

Flights Schedules: flights numbers, flights segments identification, domestic and international identification, multi-leg identification.

Airports: airport transportation, geographical location, customer service hotline, ICAO three-letter code, airport name.

Flight related data: aerobridge utilization, cause of delay, diverted flight information, previous flight information, air route congestion.

Other airport-related data: boarding gate, luggage carousel, terminal, check-in counter, departure sequence, aircraft parking stand.

Passenger related data: seat map, check-in service.

Weather: city weather forecast, airport weather, airport weather radar maps.

Analytics and Predictive Services

Bring deep industry expertise to help our clients become a lasting success in the marketplace.

Provide more forward-thinking analysis for better decision making. 

Access to data from API or report that can be directly linked to your products.

Enhance predictability through integration of massive historical data with AI algorithm.

Customize data analysis report according to specific demands.

Update data more rapidly and timely via powerful data processing capability.

Flight delay prediction, historical aerobridge utilization, historical on-time performance rate, walking time from the departure hall to the boarding gate and airport passenger flow forecast.