VariFlight Supports the First-Ever Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Civil Aviation
  • Feb 02 , 2018 by Varifilght News
The first-ever Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Civil Aviation (APACMC), co-hosted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), was successfully held in Beijing, China from January 31st to February 1st, 2018. Themed on Uniting to Shape the Future of Civil Aviation through Commitment and Collaboration, the conference aims at promoting the understanding, interaction and cooperation on civil aviation in Asia-Pacific region. Participants of the conference, which totaled more than 300, include ministers and directors responsible for civil aviation from 32 ICAO Member States in Asia-Pacific Region, senior aviation officials from UK, France, USA, Russia and a number of international organizations and industry-specific associations.
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  • Beijing's New International Airport Takes Shape, Eyeing 2019 Launch

    Beijing's new international airport is taking shape as the steel structure of its terminal buildings was completed Friday.
    • Jun 01 , 2017 by Varifilght News
  • IATA: China to Overtake U.S. as World's Largest Aviation Market by 2022

    IATA revised its annual 20-year air passenger forecast upward by over a half-billion passengers Oct. 24, and indicated China will overtake the US as the world's largest aviation market "around 2022,"several years faster than previously predicted.
    • Oct 24 , 2017 by Varifilght News
  • Passengers Want Technology to Give Them More Control over Their Travel Experience

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the results of its 2017 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) which revealed that passengers expect technology to give them more personal control over their travel experience.
    • Oct 25 , 2017 by Varifilght News
  • Namaskar!!Ni Hao!! India Hastens the Process of Opening Airspace

    The first session of China Aviation Trends Conference was held on January 12, 2018 (CST), focusing on Indian aviation market opportunities. Professionals from Chinese and Indian governments, airlines and airports discussed the issues about Sino-Indian aviation development.
    • Jan 15 , 2018 by Varifilght News
  • Chinese Aviation Sector to Fly Higher in 2018

    China's aviation industry is expected to welcome a boom year in 2018, following a series of favorable industrial policies.
    • Jan 22 , 2018 by Varifilght News
  • AVIS & VariFlight Cooperates to Enhance Airport Transfer Service

    On Jan 22, AVIS, the well-known American car rental enterprise, launched its strategic partnership with the aviation data service provider VariFlight, to comprehensively promote the airport transfer service in China.
    • Jan 23 , 2018 by Varifilght News
  • Embraer and VariFlight to Work Together on Flight Happiness Index Platform

    Embraer S.A. established a collaborative relationship with VariFlight on FHI (Flight Happiness Index) product, aiming to reveal Embraer's new offerings and improving passengers' experience for online air booking.
    • Dec 15 , 2017 by Varifilght News
  • VariFlight Makes A Splash at IATA Aviation Data Symposium

    VariFlight, the leading aviation data service provider, is sharing its experience serving millions of customers and thousands of organizations within China's aviation industry at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Aviation Data Symposium (the Symposium) in Miami.
    • Nov 17 , 2017 by Varifilght News
  • ClaimCompass and VariFlight Join Forces to Help Passengers Get Money when Their Flights Get Disrupted

    ClaimCompass joins forces with VariFlight - a global leading aviation data service provider to amplify their flight monitoring services and instantly notify passengers via their partnership network when they're entitled to compensation from the airline.
    • Sep 12 , 2017 by Varifilght News
  • VariFlight Helps You Choose for a Long-Haul Flight During Chunyun

    With the tendency of long distance overseas travelling, passengers are paying more and more attention on flight comfort.
    • Dec 27 , 2016 by Varifilght News
  • VariFlight and FlightAware Announce Strategic Coopreation

    VariFlight, a leading flight data service provider, announced Wednesday in Zhuhai that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with FlightAware, a well-known flight tracking data service company based in Houston, the United States.
    • Nov 03 , 2016 by Varifilght News
  • Data Art: VariFlight Launches New Flight RouteMap

    VariFlight rolls out its awesome flight RouteMap on August 29, transforming mountains of data into meaningful art while producing measurable and dependable results for clients worldwide.
    • Aug 30 , 2016 by Varifilght News
  • VariFlight Brings New Upgrades to China's Airports

    A new system developed by VariFlight is at its trial operation stage, as showed on a two-storey high screen at the AOCC (Air Operations Coordination Center) of Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport.
    • Aug 11 , 2016 by Varifilght News