Multiple Data Retrieving Methods

Through API interface, clients can query future scheduled global flights numbers, O&D airport codes, O&D city names, STD, STA, schedules, stops, code share flights numbers, validation, catering, aircraft type, flight distance, and terminals.

Complete data contents

Through flexible API, our system supports data retrieving methods including city pairs, dedicated flight routes, segments, and flight number to get schedule data responses.

Historical Flight Data

We provide historical data which includes historical flight status data, on-time performance, average delay, utilization rate of passenger boarding bridge (PBB), historical data analysis report, etc.

Flight Time and Status

This includes actual time of arrival/departure, estimated time of arrival/departure, flight status changes (delay, cancellation, diversion, arrival, departure, and return), previous flight information, cause of delay, supplementary flight, alternate airport, etc.

Flight Path

This involves situational data of the flight, like speed, altitude, longitude and latitude, real-time location, and route.

Airport-related Data

You also have access to airport related data which covers terminal, boarding gate, luggage carousel, check-in counter, remote stands/contact stands, catering, check-in service, etc.

Airport information

All important airport information is available in our database, such as IATA & ICAO code, longitude and latitude, customer service hotline, transportation, walking time from plane to arrival gate, walking time from security check to boarding gate.

Airport status

We also update airport status for our clients, for example, airport emergency, airport radar, airport weather, air traffic flow at airports, airport passenger flow, sequencing of arrival and departure flights, stands, and so on.

Aircraft information

This includes aircraft type, cabin layout, age of aircraft, availability of food, WiFi and power socket, seat infomation (width, angle, and pitch), and carbon emission data.

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