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Keep an eye on your
aircraft assets

With our robust aircraft tracking and monitoring ADS-B network on a global basis, we enable our lessor partners to evaluate and analyze their fleet's assets around the clock.

Risk control of your aircraft assets dynamically by analyzing a complete record of flew trajectories, flight hours, flight cycles, aircraft utilization, taxi time, speed, overall flight operational statistics, etc.

Manage your worldwide
fleets visually

Lessors can hassle-free manage their global fleets that are operated by worldwide lessees with a visualized dashboard and highly bespoke fleet management modules.

Give you in-depth insights into your every single aircraft daily operation status that you can't receive those key figures from operators before.

All kinds of airborne data used for dynamic inspections

As a goal of assets management optimization for our aircraft leasing partners worldwide, now VariFlight has the capabilities to analyze, and evaluate aircraft key performance indicators by using and learning all kinds of complicated airborne data sets that include flight hours, flight circles, real-time position, takeoffs/landings, engine propulsion, and other QAR data records, etc.
By means of this digital and dynamic approach, technical professionals, credit and risk managers can easily build a sustainable mechanism to monitor aircraft performance degradation and MRO projections, assist in evaluating aircraft's residual valuations, risk controls, and reduction of workloads and cost in MROs.

Products Portfolio

VariFlight Big Data Platform

VariFlight big data platform is the crystal of best practice with its seventeen years' data accumulation, cover 9,000+ airports, 800+ airlines globally.

Widely adopted by scientific research in universities, aviation entities, government organizations, insurance & finance, ride service, hospitalities, and other industries.

Real-time Aircraft Tracking (ADS-B)

VariFlight worldwide network of ADS-B receivers tracks aircrafts equipped with ADS-B devices. Data feeds are shared with our global air transport service providers in order to promote their operational efficiency and flying safety.

With the help of VariFlight aircraft monitoring system, we can monitor our assets more efficiently in a visualized way, and it enables us analyze our fleets operational status in different countries at any time.

We’re very satisfied with the data sets provided by VariFlight, it gives us the whole story of our lessees daily operations, you know, it’s quite important for us in risk controls.