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Accurate and timely
flight information makes
you excellence

With the increasing volume of air cargo and many passenger planes are converted to cargo freighters in the post-COVID era, VariFlight flight schedules can help you to proactively arrange air shipments plans to meet different delivery requests.

Quick access to the global passenger and cargo airlines dynamic routes network and daily schedules will improve your ability to deliver every shipment as promised.

Optimize shipment

Through API request of the master airway bill (MAWB), we allow logistics providers and shippers to monitor air cargo status in real-time.

Assist you to prepare a plan B in advance in case any abnormal situations occur for all stakeholders, and continuously optimize your supply chain digital management capabilities.

Better route planning and cargo tracking

Real-time flight schedules and flight status updates can help forwarders to make the right assessment decisions throughout the transportation loop, plus historical on-time performance and weather information, carriers can assess the risk and determine the most reliable routes and transport plans, and consistently monitor their flights status in case they are canceled or delayed.

Cargo Status