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Consultancy firms have always been frustrating in seeking for qualified and reliable high granularity alternative data among the numerous vendors in the market, especially for the historical periods.

VariFlight streamlines this process and enables consultants to have handy tools to access the valuable data feeds they need.

The greater the granularity is, the deeper level of industry analysis they can get. We are always striving to offer best-in-class aviation data for our global consultancy partners to furtherly help their clients make wise strategy adjustments in today's ever-changing business environment, and gain their long-term trust.

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VariFlight Big Data Platform gives a hand to analysts to keep an eye on key figures in global aviation markets and allows them to download files at any time.

Ample global aviation data

VariFlight has been gathering abundant global aviation data since over last 10 years and keeping enriching them. Our partners are effortless to gain flight operation stats, takeoffs and landings, airport traffics, airlines and routes capacity, fleet data, schedules, flight status, in-flight amenities, carbon emissions, historical flight analysis, air cargo capacities, rail train data, etc.

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VariFlight Big Data Platform

VariFlight big data platform is the crystal of best practice with its seventeen years' data accumulation, cover 9,000+ airports, 800+ airlines globally.

Widely adopted by scientific research in universities, aviation entities, government organizations, insurance & finance, ride service, hospitalities, and other industries.

VariFlight Map

Global routes visualized analysis platform, widely used by airports and airlines professionals, aviation consultants, developers, and travelers to search and analyze routes connections, schedules, stops, and destinations as well as itinerary planning.