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VariFlight robust global aviation database aids faculty to easily accomplish various complex research projects, including flights statistics, passenger traffic, aircraft utilizations, capacity and air cargo volumes changes, etc.

Accessible data tool

By tracing over the last decade aviation data sets and analyzing future trends, VariFlight Big Data Platform provides an accessible tool to meet the data demands of professors and students.

Join force to further exploit leading-edge technology

VariFlight teams up with educational entities to jointly establish data labs to further exploit leading-edge technology. We also offer aivation related curriculums internships and working opportunities to our partner universities via our business network.

“We are very thrilled to establish a research center with VariFlight to exploit innovative aviation technology applications”

Dr. Cong Wei from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics - VariFlight Joint Research Center for Transportation Big Data.

VariFlight Big Data Platform

VariFlight big data platform is the crystal of best practice with its seventeen years' data accumulation. Cover 9,000+ airports, 800+ airlines globally.

Widely adopted by scientific research in universities, aviation entities, government organizations, insurance & finance, ride service, hospitalities, and other industries.

VariFlight Map

Global routes visualized analysis platform, widely used by airports and airlines professionals, aviation consultants, developers, and travelers to search and analyze routes connections, schedules, stops, and destinations as well as itinerary planning.

We are very happy to work with VariFlight, and are impressed by their exceptional data service and analytics tools.

Thanks for VariFlight's great help in our aviation industry researches with its highly reliable aviation database.

At the beginning of global pandemic outbroke, we successfully built the disease development projection model by benefiting from VariFlight data sets.