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Flight schedule
improves guest

Revealing your city airports real-time flight schedules in the hotel public area or in the room displays will let your guests grasp the information about the flight they are going to take in advance, and this will improve the guests stay experience in your hotel.

Flight data helps
hotels maximize
room revenue

For a trip, flight data takes precedence over hotel data generation. To achieve the same level of bookings, flight bookings should be made at least 3-5 days ahead of hotel bookings. Effective and accurate flight data can also help reduce hotel forecast data errors and help hotels improve room revenue.

Flight status connects with PMS to win guest's trust

By connecting the flight data with the hotel Property Management System(PMS), hoteliers can proactively send itinerary caring messages to guests and retain their rooms if their flights are disrupted, or adjust pick-up and drop-off itineraries for those guests who booked this service in case their flights are delayed.
You can also ask your guests if they wish to extend stays or not in advance when you know their flights are canceled the next day, especially during tourist season. Guests can get a more intimate stay experience and increase their trust in your hotel brand.

Application Scenario

Data Reports

Customized data insights base on complex aviation raw data sets.

VariFlight Big Data Platform

VariFlight big data platform is the crystal of best practice with its seventeen years' data accumulation. Cover 9000+ airports, 800+ airlines globally. Widely adopted by scientific research in universities, aviation entities, government organizations, insurance & finance, ride service, hospitalities, and other industries.