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Instant flight alerts
trigger the compensation

Instant flight alerts assist insurance innovators in their swift compensation products, real-time flight status and alerts will trigger the compensation rules automatically.

Anti-fraud tactics

VariFlight is helping insurance companies to build databases in the anti-fraud aspect, vast blacklist pool allows insurers to easily filter valid bookings. Streamline e-ticket verification mechanism.

Over 10 years of historical flight data

Over 10 years of global historical passenger flight data sets give insurers an in-depth truth of what happened in history. Simplify customer itinerary verifications with easy-to-use historical flight status API integration. Facilitate the passenger right claim flow for all flight disruption compensation technology providers under the rules of The Flight Compensation Regulation (EC No 261/2004).

Historical Flight Status

Access to historical flight status details for more than last ten years period on global basis and retrieve rich data sets in multiple ways.

Flight Alerts

Subscribe for any certain day flights, and stay informed of instant alerts of the flight information changes.