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Manage your aviation assets and investment projects more efficiently through our exceptional data solutions and analytics tools.

Cover 150,000+ daily flights, 9,000+ airports, 800+ airlines globally.

Data sets include airlines capacities, schedules changes, cancelled flights stats, operated flights, aircraft stand allocation, passengers traffic, cargo capacity and other supplementary alternative data.

Analyze key indicators
in your addressable

Over 10 years of historic performance data across the global aviation market give our finance sector partners - investment banks, securities, hedge funds, brokers, and venture capitalists the confidence to dig out new opportunities and build up practical economic models.

Online analytics tools enable every decision with ease

Integrated online BI tools assist financial professionals to analyze and manage all data sets visually in both historic periods and future trends. Off-the-shelf data modules enable all users to download data files, select indicators and filter different criteria comfortably. VariFlight Big Data Platform gives you a full picture of flights operational statistics in global major civil aviation markets. VariFlight Map enables you to search and analyze worldwide routes connections, schedules, stops, and destinations as well as individual itinerary planning with its robust features.

Multiple Insight Formats

VariFlight Big Data Platform

VariFlight big data platform is the crystal of best practice with its seventeen years' data accumulation. Cover 9,000+ airports, 800+ airlines globally. Widely adopted by scientific research in universities, aviation entities, government organizations, insurance & finance, ride service, hospitalities, and other industries.

Data Reports

Customized data insights base on complex aviation raw data sets.

VariFlight’s high quality data set is quite crucial to supplement our macro economic statistics, it helps us to dive into the alternative research related to transportation sector.

VariFlight is one of our most reliable data technology providers, they help us to get an overview outlook in our daily analysis.

Now we are subscribing VariFlight on-time performance reports that are helpful and insightful.