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Fully display cabin
amenity information

Different from conventional flight searching flow, we empower our OTA partners to fully display cabin amenity information with rich content such as legroom, in-flight entertainment, food, WiFi, power supply, seat layout, aircraft type, pictures, etc.
Travelers can choose their ideal flights in a more intuitive way.

Always keep you
informed of schedule

Keep you informed of schedule changes with over 800 global airlines include full service airlines, low cost carriers and ultra low cost carriers.
Maintain your leading position in optimal routes and destinations network in the market.

Promote air
passengers travel

With over 94% of global commercial passenger flights covered by VariFlight, your end-users can easily obtain their flight status, check-in counter, estimated time of departure, boarding gate, boarding status, baggage carousel, and so on at their fingertips across the whole air journey.
Equip you with VariFlight timely flight alerts to easily cope with flight disruptions. Notify your travelers in real-time and help them to reschedule flights and accommodations proactively.

Increase air tickets related ancillary revenue

VariFlight has many other powerful data products and services that help OTAs increase air tickets related ancillary revenues: incoming flight status can give you some indications for your current flight delay possibility; travelers are probably interested in buying flight delay insurance when they see a flight's historical on-time performance is not good; airport delay index gives you a breakdown of all delayed flights.

Use Cases

Flight Status

VariFlight provides accurate data of live flight status to enhance the accuracy of flight prediction and help passengers to fly with satisfaction by enjoying diversified services from different platforms of our partners.

Flight Happiness Index

Flight Happiness Index (FHI) is the third factor to be considered carefully other than price and schedules when booking flights. It helps OTAs, airlines, and other online travel providers to showcase their in-flight amenities and service qualities in a more accurate and direct way.

Airline Schedules

Over 800 global airlines including FSC, LCC, and ULCC direct routes and detailed schedules information.