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Powerful travel data

More and more technology companies have been constructing their own ecosystems and have penetrated into the travel industry.

VariFlight uses its powerful flight data service capability to facilitate technology companies to enrich their data content in the travel sector.

Gain more traffic and customer acquisition

VariFlight empowers mobile phone manufacturers, social media platforms, search engines, and e-commerce platforms to offer users real-time air travel information by all means such as chatbots, mini-programs, itinerary assistant, and voice assistant in their travel channels.
Users can directly obtain all flight-related information, including take-off and landing times, real-time flight status, boarding gate, baggage carousel, terminal gate, and cabin interior facilities by just searching flight numbers or city names.

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Flight Status

VariFlight provides accurate data of live flight status to enhance the accuracy of flight prediction and help passengers to fly with satisfaction by enjoying diversified services from different platforms of our partners.

Flight Happiness Index

Flight Happiness Index (FHI) is the third factor to be considered carefully other than price and schedules when booking flights. It helps OTAs, airlines, and other online travel providers to showcase their in-flight amenities and service qualities in a more accurate and direct way.