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Digitalize your
business travel flow

Business travelers can obtain real-time flight status updates and alerts within your app and itinerary management tools.

Up-to-the-minute flight schedule changes are very important for TMCs, VariFlight dynamic airlines schedules monitoring mechanism enables our corporate travel partners to receive timely schedule changes, cancellations, and other disruptions alerts by direct API interface.

Through the highly proactive engagement in the itinerary management process, TMCs can enhance both rebooking capability and itinerary rescheduling efficiency for business flyers.

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on-board facilities

Different from leisure travelers, business travelers pay more focus on in-flight amenities, especially for those long-haul route flyers, they want to see more on-board facilities in their bookings, not only limits to fares and schedules.

VariFlight powers global TMC partners to fulfill these features via Flight Happiness Index data product.

Make a greener business trip

Make travel greener and carbon neutrality in the travel marketplace is in motion. VariFlight carbon emission algorithm model refers to calculations and public data from ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and EEA (European Environment Agency).

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Flight Alerts

Subscribe for any certain day flights, and stay informed of instant alerts of the flight information changes.

Flight Happiness Index

Flight Happiness Index (FHI) is the third factor to be considered carefully other than price and schedules when booking flights. It helps OTAs, airlines, and other online travel providers to showcase their in-flight amenities and service qualities in a more accurate and direct way.

Carbon Emissions

Precise calculation of flight carbon emissions based on VariFlight’s proprietary algorithm and industry guidelines.