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Power all types of travel technology providers with rich content data to enrich their digital process and products packges.

Ticket wholesalers, airlines digital merchandising suppliers, GDS disruptors, travel fintechs, corporate travel management tools, itinerary planners, and other travel tech innovators are benefiting from VariFlight's data products and services.

Streamline your own data products

By integrating VariFlight's data solutions including real-time flight status updates, dynamic airlines schedules and rich in-flight amenity content as well as insightful air travel data analytics, our travel tech partners have been streamlining their own data products and users digitalized perception.

Application Case

Flight Status

VariFlight provides accurate data of live flight status to enhance the accuracy of flight prediction and help passengers to fly with satisfaction by enjoying diversified services from different platforms of our partners.

Flight Happiness Index

Flight Happiness Index (FHI) is the third factor to be considered carefully other than price and schedules when booking flights. It helps OTAs, airlines, and other online travel providers to showcase their in-flight amenities and service qualities in a more accurate and direct way.

Airlines Schedules

Over 800 global airlines including FSC, LCC, and ULCC direct routes and detailed schedules information.

Flight disruptions have become a recurring challenge for the travel industry -- traveler capacity is growing and straining the increasing complex nature of airline networks. We are proud to be working with VariFlight to deliver advanced airline schedules monitoring capability that will benefit millions of users globally.


We see the VariFlight data as an invaluable tool that will help rebuild traveller and agency confidence. In providing passengers with access to this high-quality information, we’re putting them back in control of their travel experience at a time where contingency plans are the norm.