Kudos and VariFlight partner to deliver up-to-the-second flight updates

Oct 09, 2021 by VariFlight News

VariFlight is the source of flight status data trusted by more than 300 million travellers and leading businesses across the globe. This partnership will see its flight tracking technology integrated across Kudos Travel Platforms.

BRISBANE, Australia - Oct 4, 2021 - A partnership between leading aviation technology group, VariFlight, and Brisbane-based Kudos Travel Technology will provide travel agencies and travellers with a more informed experience, via up-to-the-second flight tracking information.

To date, more than 300 million travelers and thousands of leading businesses around the world rely on VariFlight data for information on the status of their flights.

VariFlight’s data is sourced from airlines, airports, ATC centres worldwide and its global network of ADS-B surveillance technology receivers which track equipped aircraft. The information shared by the aircraft includes a GPS-derived location, speed, altitude and other pertinent data, and is transmitted approximately once per second.

The partnership between the two technology-focused companies will enhance the Kudos Travel Platform by integrating real-time flight updates and status, including on-time departure, delays, cancellations, flight progress, and flight diversions.

Managing Director for Kudos Travel Technology, Phil Rasmussen, said the partnership was agreed at a critical time for air travel, where passengers are seeking a more informed travel experience.

The aviation industry is forging ahead with its recovery to meet the increased demand for leisure travel, however, it’s not all blue skies. Flights can be delayed or diverted for any number of reasons, and pandemic-related issues continue to contribute to flight cancellations – even in countries open for tourism.

“We see the VariFlight data as an invaluable tool that will help rebuild traveller and agency confidence. In providing passengers with access to this high-quality information, we’re putting them back in control of their travel experience at a time where contingency plans are the norm,” Mr. Rasmussen said.

“We’re delighted to cooperate with Kudos Travel Technology and provide it with live flight status data which will enhance the travel experience for their users. VariFlight will devote itself to offering forward-looking intelligent data service to the global partners,” said Jerry Chen, Director Global Business Development of VariFlight.

VariFlight has been providing aviation data services since 2005, and is credited with spearheading the realisation of flight data transparency. Since VariFlight began working on international flights in 2010, the organisation has covered 94% of global commercial flight date.