Carbon Emissions

Travel sector accounts for around 8% of global carbon emissions. Business travel remains single largest source of carbon emissions, and flights account for about 90% of business travel emissions. Green travel and carbon neutrality are in motion globally, many multinationals are considering a "carbon budget" to heavily reduce their travel emissions and change the ways of working as they come under growing pressure from environmental advocates and investors to reduce indirect emissions that contribute to climate change.

Sustainable travel is
not only a slogan

Companies and corporate travel agencies are investing in tools and products to measure flight emissions based on factors such as the type of plane, the routing and the class of service.

In addition to business travel, more and more leisure travelers are paying attention to the travel carbon footprint and they want sustainable travel options. Aircraft manufacturers, airlines, travel service providers, governments are all take actions in carbon emissions reduction and offset programs.

VariFlight uses its own proprietary algorithm to calculate global flights' carbon emissions and monitor carbon footprint based on the methodology and guidelines of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and EEA (European Environment Agency). We are always promoting carbon reduction strategies and public recognition, and provide the most accurate benchmarks before any carbon offsetting.

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