Flight Happiness Index

Upgrade the standard for a comfortable journey. VariFlight has developed a new standard for evaluating the comfortableness of a flight from a passenger's standpoint. It helps online travel entities, airlines, and other air service providers to showcase their in-flight amenities and service quality in a more accurate and direct way. FHI has covered amenity data of 480 kind of cabin facilities of aircrafts from 400 airlines, amounting to 90% of global passenger aircrafts.

Data update mechanism


VariFlight collects its own data, which is the foundation of VariFlight's aviation database


Data from airlines by cooperation

Aircraft Manufacturers

Get data from aircraft manufacturers, a very important source of
aircraft information

Authenticated users

Data contributed from authenticated users of VariFlight

We streamline comprehensive rich flight information

Operational data: average delay time utilization (departure and arrival), historical on-time rate, etc.

Amenity display: aircraft type and age, seating info(angel, legroom), in-flight entertainment, WiFi, carbon emissions, etc.

Service level: catering, service rating, passenger reviews, etc.

Benefits for online travel providers

  • Fully showcase in-flight amenities to passengers.
  • Improve conversion rate and pre-booking experiences.
  • Easily integrated into different systems with proven use cases.
  • Make differentiation from others.

Why airlines choose VariFlight

  • Maximize the exposure of airlines attractive amenity features on omni-channels.
  • Boost airline brand awareness among passengers.
  • Merchandising content ease to manage throughout all online marketplaces.
How we work with airlines

Index happiness

Amenity content

Historical on-time performance rate(departure/arrival), aircraft type, catering, amenity total scores, legroom, IFE, power socket, Wi-Fi, seats layout, cabin pictures, theme flight, airline safety measures (COVID-19), airlines covid insurance, etc.

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