Flight Status Data

Flight status data is the most frequently checked data as it is closely related to travelers. VariFlight provides accurate and rich data fields of live flight status to enhance the accuracy of flight prediction and help passengers to fly with satisfaction by enjoying diversified services from different platforms of our partners.

Real-time flight status updates and tracking services are widely adopted in air travel sector to consolidate customers online booking experiences and streamline the itinerary management flow.

VariFlight flexible and easy-to-use flight status API supports many query ways to access our global database.

Data source

Global coverage

Comprehensive data content with over 94% of global commercial flights,

over 9,000 airports, and over 800 airlines.

Core fields


Scheduled times, estimated
times, actual times, gate
time, real-time status,
on-time performance, flight
distance, etc.


Airline name, code, flight


Gate, terminal, location,
stand, baggage carousel,
check-in counter, boarding
status, aerobridge, etc.


type, age, seat, amenities,

Historical Flight Status

Access to historical flight status details for more than last ten years period on global basis and retrieve rich data sets in multiple ways.

VariFlight is helping air travel, consultancy, insurance, and many other industry partners to uplift their business revenue and customer loyalty and stickness by tapping comprehensive historical flight status data sets.

We highly value the storage and analysis of historical data, with decades of data accumulation and consistent growth, now our partners can effortlessly analyze and retrieve various historical flight operational data, and furtherly evaluate flight's historical performance. This will set a significant impact on future projections and business strategies.

Flight Alerts

Subscribe for any certain day flights, and stay informed of instant alerts of the flight information

How to Manage Your Trips

VariFlight flight alerts API empowers all travel sector players the ability to offer entire monitoring of all kinds of flight information changes across the whole journey.

Flight schedule changes, cancellations, delays, returns, gate changes, waivers, and many other events will trigger the notifications sent to our partners.

Tailored data fields, flexible pushing frequency, and multiple flight segments to meet different requirements in the different scenarios of the travel industry.

Flight Status Search

Flight Status Search

Flight number, departure and arrival city names, airports names, airlines names, STD, STA, ATD, ATA, ETD, ETA, terminals, gates, time zones, stops, etc.

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