Airline Schedules

Over 800 global airlines including FSC, LCC, and ULCC direct routes and detailed schedules information.

Reliable data source

VariFlight is working closely with thousands of airports and airlines, GDS, ATC units, and Trip.com Group to secure the most accurate and timely schedule data in the market.

Multiple data
retrieving methods

Support city pairs, specified routes, airports, specified airlines, flight segments, and flight numbers to retrieve schedule data through flexible API and various file formats.

Our global OTA, meta search, and travel tech clients count on VariFlight outstanding coverage of
full-service carriers, low-cost carriers, and ultra-low-cost carriers worldwide, we help our clients harness the power of high-quality schedule information to develop new attractive products, optimize routes coverage, fuel digital growth, and create stunning travel experiences.

Schedule data content

Scheduled global flights numbers, airlines names, scheduled departure time, scheduled arrival time, flight frequency, stops, codeshare flight numbers, schedule start date/end date, aircraft type, schedule cancellation status, etc.

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