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We build on our aviation data expertise to further explore factors that lead to flight delays. Our A-CDM system is a latest result of this endeavor and is driving more and more airports towards a future without delays.

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What Our Customers Say

Flight disruptions have become a recurring challenge for the travel industry -- traveler capacity is growing and straining the increasing complex nature of airline networks. We are proud to be working with VariFlight to deliver advanced airline schedules monitoring capability that will benefit millions of users globally.

VariFlight is one of our most reliable data technology providers, they help us to get an overview outlook in our daily analysis.

With the help of VariFlight aircraft monitoring system, we can monitor our assets more efficiently in a visualized way, and it enables us analyze our fleets operational status in different countries at any time.

VariFlight's high quality data set is quite crucial to supplement our macro economic statistics, it helps us to dive into the alternative research related to transportation sector.

AVIS has been committed to providing users with convenient, comfortable, assured and safe travel experience. This cooperation with VariFlight upgrades our online airport transfer service, as well as improves the operation efficiency.

Thanks for VariFlight's great help in our aviation industry researches with its highly reliable aviation database.